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Materials Selection Policy

The responsibility for selection of books and other library materials for the Wyomissing Public Library rests with the Librarian, under the terms set forth by the Directors in this policy and the Collection Development Plan. The Librarian may be assisted by qualified members of the staff. Emphasis should be placed on maintaining a well-balanced collection, with consideration for the interests of the community. The widest possible diversity of views and opinions should be represented in our collection, regardless of the personal beliefs of the Librarian, staff, or directors. Quality should be placed above quantity in materials selection.

The Librarian shall be free to accept or reject gifts of library materials and to dispose of them as he/she sees fit, depending on his/her judgment as to whether such gifts would be of value to the library.

Likewise, the Librarian shall judge when material becomes outdated, irreparable, or otherwise past its usefulness and shall have the duty to withdraw such material and dispose of it in the most feasible way

Textbooks and other materials related to school curriculum shall not be purchased on a regular basis.

The Board of Directors defends the principle of freedom to read and freedom to view and declares that whenever censorship is involved no book shall be removed from the library save under court order. While anyone is free to reject for himself books of which he does not approve, he cannot exercise this censorship to restrict the freedom to read of others.

Any library material selected by the Librarian under these guidelines shall be held to be selected by the Board of Directors. The Board will stand firmly behind its policy on intellectual freedom, and behind the Librarian in carrying out this policy.


Approved 2/11/1997
Reviewed February 2003