Marvel-ous Monday Movie Matinees

Hey, Marvel Comic book fans: you're in for a treat! Each matinee will feature a different superhero. Bring a friend! Popcorn will be provided.

No registration required. For ages 10 & up. The movies are rated PG-13.


Monday, August. 5, 2019
3:00 p.m.

By day, blind attorney Matt Murdock toils for justice in Hell's Kitchen. By night, he is Daredevil, a masked vigilante stalking the dark streets with an uncanny "radar sense" that allows him to see with superhuman capabilities. When the love of his life is targeted by the ruthless Kingpin and his deadly assassin, Bullseye, Daredevil may be about to meet his match.


Monday, August. 12, 2019
3:00 p.m.

After recovering from seemingly mortal wounds, Elektra is resurrected and must work as an assassin for hire. When she refuses to kill a man and his daughter, the assignment falls to the minions of an Asian sect dominated by supernatural forces. Now Elektra must fight a battle that will either take her life in a new direction, or destroy her for good.