Friday, April 12, 2024:

The Library will close today from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. so that we may honor our volunteers with a luncheon.

Wyomissing Public Library Association

The library association contributions help to support the projects the library undertakes such as expanding our popular summer reading program and enhancing our materials collection. Funds also enable the library to serve our community by bringing in education speakers and by presenting programs in our community room.

Please consider joining the Wyomissing Public Library Association. Your support of our efforts is greatly appreciated. The application form is available here.

2020 Association Membership Benefits

Here are the tangible benefits of annual Association membership:

$50 +:

$100 +:

All of the above, plus:

2019 Association Donors

Many thanks to all the donors who contributed to our Association campaign! Your donations help provide special programs, materials, and resources, as well as many other services to our community.

Listed below are donations received by September 17, 2018. We make every effort to provide accurate information, but mistakes and omissions can occur. Please accept our sincere apology for any errors and contact the Library Director, Colleen Stamm, at 610-374-2385 or

Thun Society
($1,000 +)

  • Ms. Elizabeth Rothermel
  • Mr. Thomas Moll and Mrs. Anne L. Overly-Moll
  • Mr. and Mrs. Philip Wolfe
  • Mrs. Barbara Kline
  • Mrs. Nancy Hemmerich

Ben Franklin Circle
($500 - $999)

  • Mr. and Mrs. John Gallen
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Rothermel
  • Mr. and Mrs. Brett Bagenstose
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Keeler
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Gemmell
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert Rudolph
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Randall Miller
  • Mr. Kevin Wagner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stallone
  • Mr. and Mrs.Thompson Bell III
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ted Lentz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Phelps
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hartman
  • Ms. Sara Flowers
  • Mr. Edward Trexler III
  • Dr. and Mrs. J. Frederick Hiehle

($250 - $499)

  • Mr. and Mrs. C. Thomas Work
  • Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Ferrarello
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Banco
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dato
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Walsky
  • Mr. and Mrs. Allan Sodomsky
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gerard Helinek
  • Dr. Haitham Kanneh and Dr. Zeina Arnouk
  • Dr. Christopher Mancuso
  • Ms. Susan Miko
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sam McCullough
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Power
  • Dr. and Mrs. Brian Reedy Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bill Jenckes
  • Mr. Steven Hill
  • Mrs. Connie Aikman
  • Ms. Barbara Spangenberg
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Herb
  • Mr. and Mrs. Miles Dechant
  • Ms. Elizabeth Gaul
  • Mr. Robert Torcolini
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Dietrich
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Driben & Family
  • Dr. William Sweet
  • Dr. Jaylaine Ghoubrial and Dr. Michael Bohrn
  • Mrs. Lindsay Romeo and Family
  • Ms. Sue Harenza
  • Mr. and Mrs. Al Guiseppe and Family
  • Drs. John and Sara Steber
  • Mr. Lorenzo Rafer
  • Mr. Bruce Bengtson
  • Mr. James Tetley
  • Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hammel

($100 - $249)

  • Dr. and Mrs. Anton Kleiner
  • Mr. James Flannery
  • Ms. Andriane Hoke
  • Mrs. Natalie Koehler
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Kozloff
  • Dr. and Mrs. Sanand Menon and Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael LaFata
  • Dr. Elaine Balkiewicz
  • Mr. Donald Fox
  • Mr. John Vanderbosch
  • Mr. Anthony LaParo
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jim Turley
  • Dr. and Mrs. William Laubach
  • Ms. Ann Henderson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Mancuso
  • Ms. Judith Keppley
  • Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Malick
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Manbeck
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randall Bjorken and Family
  • Mrs. Janet LeLacheur
  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward Lentz
  • Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Leoni
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Clouser
  • Mrs. Carolyn Auman
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Mancuso
  • Dr. and Mrs. Irving Ehrlich
  • Ms. Eleanor Conrad
  • Mr. Chris Kraras
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Combs III
  • Dr. Kelley Crozier and Mr. Mark Christy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Crump, Jr
  • Mrs. Maureen Brumbach
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Endy
  • Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Gerace
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mike Ehlerman
  • Valley Greene Homeowners Association
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Whitehall
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul DeLong
  • Mr. and Mrs. Neil Fisher
  • Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Dooley
  • Dr. Andrea Smith
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Harenza
  • Mrs. Martha Hafer
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Buskirk
  • Dr. and Mrs. Dennis DiRenzo
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nevin Hollinger
  • Mr. Mark Ratcliffe
  • Mr. Frank Higgins and Ms. Jamie Moran
  • Ms. Diane Gaul
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Carlson
  • Mr. and Mrs. David George
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bradley Hall
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary Champlin
  • Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Primack
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Ciabattoni
  • Mr. John Clapp III
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Paul Eisenhuth
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Althouse
  • Ms. Sharon Scullin
  • Mr. and Mrs. Randy Weidner
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stewart McDonough
  • Mr. and Mrs. Kent Davis
  • Mr. and Mrs. William Yeich Jr.
  • Mrs. Frances Roedel
  • Mr. John Mazzo
  • Ms. Sandra Sittler
  • Ms. Karen O'Brien
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warkoczewski
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard McCrae
  • Dr. and Mrs. Scornavacchi, Jr.
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Repko
  • Mrs. Shirley Stevens
  • C. Malcolm Smith & Company, PC
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chester Mosteller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Alan Readinger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joey Maturi
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Swales
  • Judge and Mrs. Albert Stallone
  • Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ayala
  • Ms. Susan Wentink
  • Dr. Sarel P. Fuchs
  • Mr. & Mrs. Rob Smerek
  • Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Waxler
  • Mr.and Mrs. John Russell
  • Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sutherland
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Proodfoot
  • Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Shaffer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Steven Reimer
  • Mr. Quentin Veil
  • Financial Planning Advisors, Inc.
  • Mrs. Toula Miller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mintz
  • Mr. and Mrs. Peter Molinaro
  • Mrs. Gayle Walsh
  • Law Office Of Scott C. Painter, P.C.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Art Auchenbach III
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Moyer
  • Dr. Nabil Muallem and Dr. Najla Bathish
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Roberts
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Nevel
  • Mr. and Mrs. David Reeser
  • Mr. John K. Palmer
  • Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Paolini
  • Dr. and Mrs. John Anderson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Don Marvel
  • "Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kuczala "
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Post
  • Mrs. Conchita Braun
  • The Radaoui-Braun Family
  • Mrs. Elaine Rado
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris Raszkiewicz
  • Ms. Darlyn Unger
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Oxholm
  • Drs. Anirudh and Simi Rai
  • Rev. and Mrs. Roger Ulrich
  • Mr. Richard Feicht
  • Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Bowman
  • Ms. Margaret Vath
  • Mr. Arthur White and Mrs. Gail Dawson-White
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cibulsky
  • Mr. Clifford Carver
  • Mr. and Mrs. George Juergens
  • Mr. and Mrs. Carl Trettin
  • Mr. and Mr. Thomas Campbell
  • Ms. Susan Spangler
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Ciatto and Family
  • Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Stoudt
  • Ms. Karen Miller and Mr. Bruce Posten
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bausher
  • Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Longenecker
  • Mr. Robert Jakubek III and Family
  • Dr. Constantine Harris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Charles Miller
  • Mr. and Mrs. Whitney Sanders II