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Public Display Policy

The use by individuals or organizations, of the library's facilities for displays and/or exhibits, other than those which pertain to the library, is not a right but a privilege, which is subject to review by the board of directors.

The library director may grant the privilege of placing exhibits and displays in the library, subject to the following conditions:

  1. No poster, pamphlet, display, or booklet shall be displayed or placed in the library without permission from the library director. The library shall not accept petitions of any kind, either for display or soliciting of signatures.
  2. No organization or individual shall be permitted to display any materials which advocate the election or defeat of a candidate for public office, or which advocate a vote for or against any proposition, whether political or otherwise, except those activities that are permitted when the building is used as a polling place.
  3. No organization or individual shall be permitted to place in the library any container which solicits donations, nor shall any poster be permitted which advocates or solicits consideration of any item sold by any commercial or charitable enterprise; however, posters announcing bazaars or programs sponsored by any local organization may be displayed if they are of reasonable size. Such displays shall be on a "first come, first serve" basis.
  4. Whenever possible, exhibits utilizing the library display boards shall incorporate books or materials from the library's collection, which have a relationship to the subject of the display.
  5. The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation, or protection of any item displayed. All items placed in the library are done so at the owner's risk.


Revised February 2003.