Wyomissing Public Library Newsletter

May 2013
"Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation."
-Broadcaster Walter Cronkite
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Featured Library Program
WPL Myths, Debunked
Word on the Blvd.
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WPL Mission Statement
"The mission of Wyomissing Public Library is to provide a wide variety of popular and informational material for reading, listening, and viewing. The library places an emphasis on those services which encourage children and parents to read together, as well as providing educational, cultural and general programs for the community at large. Electronic as well as print reference information is available."
Our library is always bustling with programs for infants through adulthood.  Children's programs require many supplies. 
A wonderful way to say "thank you" for library services to our community, is to donate items from our Amazon Wish List.  Click the link below for details.  Thank you in advance!

We're Collecting...
We are always reusing and recycling.  It's good for our library, the economy and the environment! 
We're collecting empty  baby wipe containers. A collection box is located at the main library entrance.  
Featured Library Event: 
Kentucky Derby Party 
Saturday, May 4, 2013 
@ 4p.m.

You are cordially invited to the social event of the season! Please refer to the link below for more information. R.S.V.P.'s are requested by Friday, April 26, 2013.


WPL Myths, Debunked
Our staff is always answering questions (obviously, we're a library!) Below are the top 3 myths our staff squashes on a daily basis. 
MYTH #1:
"I must live in Wyomissing to obtain a library card and use the library."
All are welcome! Anyone who is a resident of Pennsylvania is entitled to a WPL library card (must be 14 years and older).
Visitors from out-of-state are always welcome. Though we cannot issue them a library card, they may use computers, wireless Internet access and other resources within the library. 
MYTH #2: 
"Wyomissing Public Library is in Wyomissing.  They don't need financial support."

While we are fortunate to live in an affluent community, we rely heavily on State funding. As the government continues to cut funding to libraries, our budget is also affected.  This year we received $35,833 from the State, which is a 30% reduction in funding since 2008.

"Wyomissing Public Library is part of the Berks County Public Library System."

Since 1913 Wyomissing Public Library has been an Independent library, separate from the County System. What are the advantages? 
  • Our library's autonomy is preserved.  We create our own policies that work best for our specific community.
  • Faster turn-around on materials which means the book you're waiting for, will be in your hands sooner!
  • More professionally employed staff at your service.   
Though we are not part of the County Library System, we do work closely with the System and maintain a positive rapport with other librarians. 

Word on the Boulevard
"A friend was in a bind and asked me to care for her son one morning, in addition to my two children.  There were three kids under three, and me, a crazy situation! We always attend storytime and planned to attend that day.  Normally I wouldn't venture out of the house with a ratio of three children to one adult, but I knew if I went to storytime and needed help, the other parents would support me.  Sure enough, the baby wet through her diaper.  One mother offered her baby's extra set of clothing, another mother watched the boys while I changed the baby.  Thanks to them, I was able to keep my sanity! I wouldn't have come to storytime if I didn't know people are supportive of each other.  It's a great example of kindness and community."
~ Rebecca Harvey, Mohnton
Do you have a unique story, experience, memory or testimonial about WPL? We'd love to hear them! Please send a "Facebook Message" to our Facebook Page with the details or, send an email to corinne@wyopublib.org.