Grab-and-Go Service

Here are some helpful FAQs to help you navigate Wyomissing Public Library's Grab-and-Go service.

When can I use Grab-and-Go?

Patrons using Grab-and-Go service will schedule a specific appointment date and time to avoid contact with other patrons using this service.  Appointments will be scheduled during the library’s Grab-and-Go hours:

How do I schedule Grab-and-Go pick-up?

There are 3 ways for patrons to schedule a Grab-and-Go appointment.  The easiest way is for patrons to log into their library account (via our online catalog).  Once you are in your account, you can search the online catalog and place holds.  Follow this link to access our online catalog at:  Patrons are able to place 20 holds per library card.

Patron who are not sure how to login to their online account, may email their item requests to the library staff at  Please list the title and author of the items you are requesting.

Patrons who do not have access to the Internet may call the library at (610) 374-2385 to request items.  While we have you on the phone, the library staff member will immediately schedule your appointment date and time.

For those patrons who place their holds online or send an email, a library staff member will call you to schedule an appointment to pick-up your items.

What can I expect at my Grab-and-Go appointment?

Patrons using Grab-and-Go service will be given a 15-minute appointment time to pick up their materials. Patron materials will be checked out on their account and will be waiting to be picked up at the main entrance. Items will either be place on a table just outside the door or in the main entrance foyer (weather dependent). Patrons are welcome to simply walk up to the table and grab their bag of items and go. The library building will be closed to patrons during Grab-and-Go service. No other patrons will be scheduled during the same time slot; however, a face mask must be worn during your appointment. Each bag will be clearly labeled with your name and barcode. Please verify you have the correct bag during your appointment.

How do I return materials?

Please return your materials in the book drop which is located at our Children’s Entrance. During operating hours, a return cart will be placed at the main entrance, either outside the door or in the foyer (weather dependent). We will not be collecting any overdue fines on items during this time period. Fees for items that are lost or damaged during this period will still apply. Please contact our Library Director to resolve this matter.

What if the title I want is at another library?

The Wyomissing Public Library is unable to borrow any items from other libraries at this time.  We will not be offering Inter-Library loan service during this unique time period.

Do I need a library card?

Yes, patrons must have a Wyomissing Public Library card to use our Grab-and-Go service.

New patrons who do not have a library card, can create a virtual library card online at: If a patron would like to borrow physical materials, they will need to complete the virtual library card application and provide a valid photo ID and proof of address. For example, patrons can email a photo of their Driver’s License or drop off a copy of their Driver’s License.

What materials are available for pick-up?

All physical circulating materials currently on the shelf at the Wyomissing Public Library are available for check-out. This includes books, DVDs, audio books, etc. Digital content will continue to be available online via Overdrive, Hoopla, etc. Please visit our website for a complete list of online resources:

Can you look for specific items or provide reading suggestions?

Yes!  Please contact the library staff at (610) 374-2385 or for reading suggestions.

What if I have fines?

If a patron has a fine that is under $10 they may continue to use their library card. For patrons who have a late fee or lost item charge on their account that is over $10, you will need to pay this fine before you are able to use the library. We are able to take credit card payments online or by phone. If you are unable to pay your fine, please contact our Library Director.

What is the Wyomissing Public Library doing to protect the safety of patrons and library staff?

This new contactless Grab-and-Go service provides maximum social distancing for the safety of our entire community, most importantly our patrons and staff. Staff members use face masks, hand sanitizer and frequent hand washing procedures in accordance with the PA Dept. of Health and CDC guidelines, as well as limiting the number of staff inside the library building at any given time.

The main entrance foyer and the table being used for Grab-and-Go service will be cleaned throughout the day, as well as at the end of the day.

All physical materials are being quarantined for 3 days (72 hours) prior to being checked in to ensure the safety of staff and patrons. Patrons arriving for their scheduled pick-up time should note that there are no other patrons outside the library or inside the library foyer before exiting their vehicle.